Become a Guardian

A Guardian is someone who cares for and protects in this case the ecosystem.

Our core purpose is to bring community together with local Traditional Owners to promote the values of cultural understanding around caring for country, in a spirit of cooperation and including all people. Raising awareness about threats to the Wet Tropics then using collective intelligence and experience to develop innovative solutions and management plans. By implementing recovery plans for best practice outcomes to enhance the biodiversity of the Wet Tropics Bioregion.

There are many small stand-alone projects and longer programs that you can become engaged with.

  • Local neighborhood weed, revegetation and pest management projects.
  • Habitat restoration with specific species in mind, example might be erecting nesting boxes or creating rock, and hollows along creeks banks to enhance different species recovery.
  • Citizen Science programs we add data into Wildnet and other established platforms like Birdlife Australia and together with our partners we can improve our understanding and help map vulnerable, threatened, or endangered species and assist their recovery.
  • First Response- by becoming engaged in our Citizen Science and mapping program, you will develop a greater understanding of species natural behavior, knowledge of the number of individuals and location of specific species in your patch. This data will assist with our partners, in the rescue and aid in the survival of vulnerable, threatened, or endangered species after any natural disaster.
  • We are interested in improving freshwater quality along our rivers, creeks, and streams by revegetating these edges.