Citizen science

The extinction crisis has never been more urgent.

Working collaboratively with Traditional Owners, understanding their story, and learning how see, understand and to care for country in partnership with science we are starting to map species that live in localised areas around the edges.

Communities understanding, knowledge and appreciation of how unique, irreplaceable, and intricate the rich diversity of fauna and flora within the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area is recognised as an important conservation measure.

Tara was a Citizen Science project rescued after Cyclone Larry tracking her development as she grew from a brown chick

By recognising the importance of maintaining species genetic diversity, we cover the core aspects of Guardians of Wet Tropics citizen science conservation model.

Residents identify fauna or flora species that they are interested in documenting, that may be vulnerable, threatened, or endangered and that live in their local habitat, in their patch. By delivering hands-on citizen science projects, some people say that they see the forest for the first time, we experience the joy with them, when increased awareness of this ecosystem increases their appreciation this fragile ecosystem.

We are currently, in discussions with our partners and community, who know their patch best, in developing a First Response protocol after natural disasters for threatened species support based on the species mapping work being done.

We would love to have you join us in this exciting community program.

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Embark on a fun real-world adventure that will open your eyes to the amazing and beautiful life all around you.Start by getting outdoors to capture (just with photos!) as much life as you can. You’ll score gold for every sighting, with extra gold if you can identify what you’ve found. And even more gold if you can find something rare or interesting.Life is full of hidden treasures just waiting to be found. But it is also under threat – now is your chance to save it.

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Tara is a sub adult and you can see the rainforest behind regrowing as she grows in health and vigor.

Tara has now matured into this inquisitive, intelligent and healthy cassowary ready to star