Boots on the ground

Guardian’s working together to help neighbours after fallen trees and vines block the driveway after a storm.

We engage traditional owners and landholders to discover what projects they see would enhance or protect the edges of their properties adjoining protected areas, critical habitat fragment corridors or along watercourses in a proactive, preventative, protective way.

These activities can range from weeding, and pest management, putting up nesting boxes to replace missing hollows, cleaning up waterways, or revegetation protective areas. We use local endemic species and those recommended by traditional owners that are threatened ecological species particularly culturally sensitive bush foods or medicine flora that are missing from the environment.

Pre cyclone seasons we focus on collective back yard blitz clean ups and wet season education for hazards and preparation. We also can help you mobilise clean-ups when trees randomly fall like here across a Guardians driveway.

Nature Playgrounds are a wonderful addition to all backyards particularly those adjoining protected areas creating and extension of the natural world for children to explore. It is beautiful when a community of children grow up enjoying free access to play across the collective neighbourhood. Restrictions can occur when neighbours have erect fences for public safety to contain domestic animals’ dogs or cats or livestock. As Guardians we encourage communities to explore Nature Playgrounds and develop one for your area. We will help by linking you with resources and possible funding to develop suitable projects.

Koah’s Ark Nature Playground was planned and built by the local Koah community (near Kuranda). Nature Playground’s are an excellent way to engage children in fun and physical activity in a safe environment, on their own or with friends.