New to the area what you should know

The first step is to learn whose traditional land you are on and contact them and pay your respect as a friendly neighbour to the area. You can find more information on whose land you’re moving to on Terrains Natural Resource Plan for People and Country along with a lot more interesting information to help you get familiar and feel more at home.

We consider it a privilege to live in the Wet Tropics World Heritage and all World Heritage sites are considered globally significant, meaning World Heritage Areas belong to everyone. Their conservation and protection are considered important for current and future generations.

In 1988, Australian and international experts assessed the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area as being of outstanding universal value, meeting all four natural heritage criteria for World Heritage Listing.


“A fed bird is a dead bird”

This cassowary became domesticated by neighbourhood feeding. Now grown into a teenager was becoming increasingly aggressive. This bird required relocation for public safety.

While seeing a cassowary is a treat, it is illegal to feed or attract cassowaries. Cassowaries attracted into urban areas can become sick from eating a diet not suited to their biology and are more exposed to car strike and dog attacks. Fed cassowaries have the potential to become dangerous when exp