About Guardians

Our promise to the future.
Australia is home to many different species not found anywhere else in the world.
Queensland’s tropical rainforests host the richest selection of rare and endangered species.
A living museum of unique and ancient species of flora and fauna mostly rainforest,
this stunning landscape also features open forests, woodlands, wetlands, and mangroves.
Bound by two World Heritage listings
the Wet Tropics and the Great Barrier Reef
A living marvel of ecology that you can see from space; home to many marine creatures; inshore seagrasses hosting dugongs, rays, and turtles; islands fringed by inshore reef; colourful fish, migratory whales, and dolphins; stretching to the spectacular outer reef.

We help neighbors in times of need here clearing trees of driveway “(again) and best picture of sunset with caption “Guardians see the big picture and value the environment we live in.

We work with landholders on edges to actively promote better understanding of living sustainably in this environment, our shared values and develop healthier community relationships. Through conversations with landholder, together we develop localised management plans, citizen science projects, mapping species and doing boots on the ground projects. In collaboration with local Traditional Owners, we work with our partners and landholders to deliver best practice for protecting, preserving, and caring for the rich biodiversity and the unique ecological values. Through these transparent conservations we highlight the privilege and responsibilities of living within the Wet Tropics bioregion with a view to delivering positive outcomes for threatened species in the Wet Tropics and creating a healthy, robust buffer zone of protection.

“It is fundamentally important,
30 years on from World Heritage listing of the Wet Tropics of Queensland, to ensure
that what remains is protected and that further incursions into the bioregion are tightly restrained.

Of World Heritage Areas, it was the 2nd most critical and irreplaceable.
I think this gives you a global perspective on what we are talking about here.
Anybody, from anywhere on the planet, looking around
would say this is critical biological and environmental real estate.

A major analysis which looked at the biogeographic and biological uniqueness
and irreplaceability of different ecosystems on the planet
– this was over 173,000 different protected areas on the planet
– ranked the Wet Tropics World Heritage area as the 6th most critical and irreplaceable.

On the Australian Continent, we’re talking about 1,000th of Australia’s continental area.”

“Government support for improving protection outcomes for remaining critical habitat
on freehold land is the first vital step to protecting the bioregion for the future.”

Distinguished Professor Bill Laurance
– Centre for Tropical Environmental Sustainability Science (TESS)

Guardians are an active and growing group of communities that share a vision to protect and enhance the edges of the Wet Tropics, Protected Areas, and water courses. We are an intergenerational cross section of our regional communities, strong working relationship with Traditional Owners and our partners.